TraxNYC Scam

Making High-End purchase on the internet should be done carefully.
Learn about the business before you buy.
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The Facts
TraxNYC is a S Type Corporation
TraxNYC was incorporated in 2005 in NY State
The current address of operations:

62 West 47th Street Suite 14A-1
New York, NY 10036

They currently retail over 16,000 pieces of jewelry.
They engage in wholesale, retail and internet retail
The Place of Business

TraxNYC Showroom
This is a picture of the TraxNYC Showroom provided by These images also correspond with what is shown on the TraxNYC website. The address associated with this place is the one listed above.
The Merchandise
The main staple of merchandise offered at TraxNYC is diamond jewelry. However, the company has expanded into silver, stainless steel, gemstones and every other possible facet of the jewelry industry.

Some examples of the merchandise being provided is below.
TraxNYC Scam
Who is TraxNYC?
This is the Vice President of TraxNYC in a video with a custom jewelry customer. You can contact him by calling the toll free number and asking for Paul.
This is a video created by TraxNYC to prevent gold scams.
Custom Jewelry Video produced by TraxNYC.
The Reviews
Suprisingly TraxNYC has an extensive amount of reviews across the internet. Although there are some negative reviews, some of them look suspicous. Most of the reviews are positive and the eBay feedback is at 98.8 percent with over 5,000 feedback ratings. The largest legitimate complaint from this company is the slow shipping times.
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